Proinf’s consulting and professional services keep your business in line with the latest technology. With a dedicated team abreast with the developments in technology, data security, and consulting, we assure you the best to stay competitive.

Our comprehensive consulting services include:

  • Guiding digital transformation of business
  • Assessment of IT infrastructure
  • Technology consulting to adapt to newer developments
  • Application support for the continuous running of your business
  • Operations consulting to support feasible business plans.

Why gap analysis and Proinf’s effective role in it

Gap analysis in IT helps you compare where you are and where you should have been. A critical analysis is a must in every organization and needs to be performed periodically.

Proinf’s consulting and professional services not only help to identify the gaps on time but also rectifies them. Technology is evolving, and to cope, your business should follow suit. We assist you in achieving this end with our multi-disciplinary team of domain experts. With our continuous monitoring, we keep you up to date and technology compliant.

Is gap analysis essential?

  • Continuous service improvement is possible only with gap analysis.
  • Lack of gap analysis may lead to improper fund allocation and, thereby, the inability to meet customer demand.
  • It helps you locate outdated systems in the organization that adds to your expense.
  • Security threats are easily spotted with gap analysis.
  • Interdepartmental workflow disturbances are identified and corrected.
  • Identify processes followed without management approval and remove the same from the organization.
  • Brings to notice any lack of coordination between teams, which is a hassle to goal achievement.

Our assessment helps in providing a roadmap for filling the gaps. However, our expert team does not stop with one-time assessments. We work with you together, integrating the people with the processes.

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Our IT infrastructure architecture and design

We extend support throughout the lifecycle of your IT architecture development. Our well-experienced team has devised the process flow as:

  • Development: Planning, Design, Management
  • Optimization
  • Automation

Architecture design takes priority at each level, namely the organization level, department level, and team level.

  • The organization level is a broader concept where the motto of the business is supported with the help of technology across all the projects.
  • The department-level architecture design is for a specific business unit that is integrated with the enterprise level.
  • The team-level design is directed towards the several subsystems and their relationship with the enterprise systems.

Proinf covers the 4 major architecture domains:

Why, What, How, and Where? This is related to the levels that we saw above.

  • The Why in architecture design is defined by the business rules.
  • ‘What’ defines the data models and data flow to support the business model.
  • ‘How’ defines the process through which design is created to match business models.
  • ‘Where’ defines the data center, network, and security architecture.

Our methodology involves identifying architectural needs, creating a design that adheres to the needs and reviewing the same before implementation.

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Planning and implementation services in IT

Proinf provides you with the best solution for project planning and implementation. Don’t worry about the project size; we have a versatile team that can cater to your needs.

We make sure to reduce downtime and help in the development of robust systems. Our planning and implementation services follow a step-by-step protocol:

  • Definition of goals
  • Research to match the goals
  • Risk assessment
  • Assignment of tasks
  • Resource allocation

We don’t work on a template but rather create one for each project to maintain relevance.

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Migration and upgrade services at Proinf

To assist businesses in keeping pace with emerging trends in technology, Proinf offers migration and upgrade services. There is a great risk of being lost among the competitors in the absence of upgrades and migration.

Importance of firmware upgrade:

  • The cybersecurity threat is looming, and it is essential to protect your business from malware attacks.
  • It helps to enhance the performance of the server. More speed implies you connect quickly with the clients.
  • A regular upgrade of firmware is a preventive mechanism and helps to spot bugs before it becomes an issue.
  • Firmware upgrade improves the functionality of the business.

How can migration help your business?

Our team believes in migration to newer technologies to keep your business up to date. Stay competitive and scale more heights with our migration services. It can

  • Improve the data security of the system in use.
  • Help in the growth of the business.
  • Save a lot on costs that recur due to the use of old technology.
  • It gives you reliable IT solutions.
  • Improve the performance of the system.
  • Improve data scalability.
  • It lets existing systems integrate with the new technology.

Proinf achieves all this to make you stay connected with your clients and serve to the best of their interests.

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