Cybersecurity landscape is changing. New technologies, vendors, and solutions emerge every year. Organization fails to protect themselves from cyberattacks. Attacks occur, not because a product failed to raise an alert. They happen because the alert was missed or was not actioned on. It is not a product failure but rather an operation failure.

The organization needs to stay abreast of the latest tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) employed in cyber-attacks. That’s where Proinf’s Cyber Defense Services will help you.

  • Round the Clock Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Best in class Security Practitioners
  • Automation & orchestration
Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Monitor Endpoints, Detect Incidents, Mediate Alerts, Stop and Remediate future breaches

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Manage Detect Respond Remediate (MDR2)

Advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and human expertise, response to threats & remediate in rapid time

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