Proinf's Manage Detect Respond Remediate (MDR2) Services deliver dynamic 24x7 cybersecurity protection tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Combine advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and human expertise in incident investigation and response to threats & remediate in rapid time


Advanced threat detection investigates the alerts and determines whether they are actual incidents or false positives via collaboration of data analytics, machine learning, and human investigation - and from there make decisions in terms of threat prioritization


24X7 monitoring and proactive threat hunting make day-to-day security operations easier for your organization. It also develops great insights into the organization's security posture.


Ensures threats are eliminated with succinct remediation actions. It organizes the list of security events, enabling the most critical to be handled first


Detailed analysis of the threat and its impact is determined to ensure automation for similar future threats. Tailored rules and workflows are implemented to harden the security posture of the company against future attacks.

Why MDR2 – the cybersecurity challenges addressed by MDR2

Ever Transforming threats

Cybersecurity threats continually transform and mature causing an organization irreparable damage. With our team of cybersecurity experts stay protected from the unknown latest threats.

High security investment

Having in-house security professionals can be costly and hard to find. With us, reduce your security investment and increase your ROI

Lack of effective tools & processes

Recent technologies, vendors, and solutions emerge every year. We deliver the tools and expertise to monitor your environment 24x7 and alert you on these threats.

Proinf MDR2 solution

Round the clock

Your environment is monitored for threats and risks a24x7x365, allowing you to focus on other key areas of your business.

Root Cause Analysis

Deep investigation into the root cause of incidents to promote the creation of customized rules and workflows that harden your posture

Incident Management

Identify, manage, record, and analyze the security threats and incidents with an experienced team who knows how to look for them.

Best-in-class Security Practitioners

Event-based threat hunting, threat analysis, intelligence and more

Complete managed SOC services

Pay-as-you-use approach to security solutions

Automated & Orchestration

AI & ML Based automation to accelerate incident response, containment, & remediation

Soar platform

Our SOAR platform integrates security tools, to centralize, standardize and scale processes.

Broad Visibility

Works with your existing technology stack to discover and profile assets and collect data and security event observations from multiple sources


Solutions tailored to you

Every company and every industry are different. Regulations and compliance requirements vary. Discover Proinf’s tailored approach to meet critical security challenges

Trusted cybersecurity Experts

Trusted Cybersecurity experts with years of experience work as an extension to your existing IT team

24x7x365 Continuous Monitoring

Around the clock security coverage of your major cloud platforms by a dedicated team

Advanced Tools and processes

Evaluate the capabilities of your cybersecurity program and develop a roadmap to ensure that your organization balances risk with growth

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