Proinf’s IT infrastructure systems architecting & designing engage business units to determine the actual needs, priorities, and evolving nature of business difficulties in order to understand how to offer a well-compatible, flexible ground to add further functionality and expand the general capabilities of the solution.

IT Infrastructure Systems Architecture

Problem Statement- Is your IT Infrastructure Architecture up to date?

The task of ensuring that the infrastructure and technical systems are created to support business requirements is known as infrastructure architecture. This may involve backing a company's desire to support mobile devices and data security, as well as backing its ability to scale operations across various geographic areas.

One of the primary value propositions of infrastructure architecture is the interconnection of the technological infrastructure with the rest of the business. This gives infrastructure architects a picture of how changes in business strategy affect the need for infrastructure and, conversely, how changes to the infrastructure affect the business. So the company is prepared for the future.

IT Infrastructure Systems Designing

Problem statement- Does your current IT Infrastructure Design technically fulfill the needs of your business?

The crucial phase of building any IT infrastructure or IT system is design. Companies who are preparing to adopt sophisticated infrastructure IT solutions and software systems should pay close attention to this phase and contractor selection. Every firm needs an IT infrastructure that works properly and meets the need of the IT environment. No system, application, or service can function without it. To guarantee organizational security and business continuity, a robust IT infrastructure design is required.

IT Infrastructure Design creates a system to support the creation and upkeep of monolithic applications and microservices according to the needs of the business. IT Infrastructure Design is the system's technical components, developing it for your business, integrating it to satisfy the requirements, and launching it to ensure everything functions as intended.

Why these services – Benefits to the organization

Client-centric, stable infrastructure designs

Our objective is to deliver client-centered, reliable infrastructure designs together with total support for the duration of the project. We construct large-scale IT architecture and implementation strategies using client-focused, stable infrastructure designs.

Identify Areas for Potential Cost Savings

An organization's current IT infrastructure can be analyzed using architecture to find areas for modification that could result in cost savings. So that they are no unnecessary cost burden on the organization and that can help the business to invest in the new required architecture.

Enable Quicker Changes in IT Systems

There is quite a need for systems that can adapt quickly to meet ever-changing dynamic business needs. Planning can be made simpler and less error-prone by using an architecture to organize complex situations in a clear and understandable way.

How Proinf performs architecture and Designing of an IT infrastructure

Gather Architectural requirements

Proinf identifies the vision & strategy of the business and then gathers the architectural needs and requirements of the business, which entails, what the design must do, and how the design approaches the completion of the functional requirements.

Map requirements to a logical design

Proinf to map the requirements needs of the architecture and understands the storage, network, and security of the current IT infrastructure. According to the current IT infrastructure and the future vision of the business, a logical design is made to fulfill the needs of the business.

Design & Build reference architecture

Proinf after performing a current IT infrastructure analysis designs & builds reference architecture of the desired future architecture. To find out if there are any constraints or if there is a risk that could become a roadblock from satisfying the requirements of the business.

Review architecture with stakeholders

Proinf gets the reference architecture reviewed by the stakeholders to make sure that the architectural design is compatible with the future needs and requirements of the business. And to make sure that the reference architecture is in accordance with their current IT Infrastructure.

Manage architecture assets

Proinf manages the architectural assets of the business once the reference architecture is approved by the stakeholders. We ensure that everything that is required for future architecture is available to the business.

Proinf will be your technology partner


Whether you are a business amid a technology transition or a company looking to plan and execute a strategy that meets the needs of the organization to serve the high-demand consulting and strategy planning needs of our clients, we have a team of experienced and professionally skilled technology consultants who brings to the table a wide range of expertise and skills underpinned by a breadth of functional and industry experience.


Provides a comprehensive and complete description of the current state of the area of interest should be provided, as well as a description of what the area of interest should become. Processes within the IT department of a company that supports the infrastructure of the company.

Tools and Technology

Assess the current state of the company's hardware, software, and network configurations to understand how they could be improved. Based on the identified gaps and the customer's priorities, it provides detailed roadmaps for closing the gaps and prioritized action plans for enhancing the customer's IT capabilities landscape. These action plans are based on the tool's detailed roadmaps and prioritized action plans.

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