Customer requirement:

To setup MFA for IPsec Client VPN connections for 1000+ users

Current environment:
  • FortiGate Firewall
  • Forti-client for IPsec VPN
  • Forti-authenticator
  • O365 Subscription with DirSync using AADConnect
Proposed solution:

Based on our experience and understanding of the client requirements; and the significance of MFA for secured access to enterprises network for remote workers; we have devised a cost-effective solution utilizing the existing resources.

  • Explained the customer on the security features of SSL VPN
  • Proposed to migrate from IPsec to SSL VPN
  • Configure FortiGate firewall for SSL VPN
  • Setup Enterprise Application (FortiGate SSL VPN) on Azure for Authentication
  • Setup conditional access for MFA using the feature available on O365
  • Client was able to have a better secured VPN access with MFA for all remote VPN users
  • Save cost on 3rd party licenses for MFA
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