Server & Application Management

Enterprise Servers & Applications are the core of any enterprise business require a regular health-check, to keep them up-to-date with patches and service packs, protect them with latest antivirus updates, fine tune the systems for optimal performance.

We consolidate the rich intelligence into best practices to meet your enterprise & business server and application performance and reliability demands.

How is Server & Application Support Team setup @Proinf?

  • A team of highly skilled individuals with relevant experience managing the enterprise server and application infrastructure systems
  • This team is tightly integrated with the NOC Team to provide Level-2 and Level-3 technical support for all incidents escalated by the NOC Team
  • We built a strong team of professionals who can work with you hand-in-hand and you can innovate and grow the business while Proinf’s team excels the client delivery for you

What does Server & Application Support Team do?

  • OS Administration, which predominantly include Windows & Linux operating systems
  • Patch Management – Ensure servers OS is patched up-to-date with the latest patches and service pack
  • Performance Management – Ensure the server is healthy with enough hardware resource i.e., disk-space, memory, CPU and Network resources
  • Capacity Management - Team proactively reviews the trends of hardware resource utilization and propose recommendations for upgrade/downgrade of system hardware resources as per the business requirement
  • Security & Compliance – Coordinate with the IT Security & Compliance Team to ensure the access to server and application infrastructure systems are secured and data integrity maintained
  • Backup & Restoration – All critical server and application data is periodically backup as per the schedule setup by the client. Backup restoration tests are performed to ensure the integrity of the backup data. Maintain the records for auditing and compliance purpose
  • Automation & Innovation – Identify repeatable tasks and bring in automation wherever possible. Provide ideas of innovation for improving the IT Infrastructure systems to keep up to pace with the latest industry trends


  • Attain five 9s “99.999%” uptime of server and applications
  • Improved Server & Application availability & performance
  • Better capacity management
  • End-user satisfaction
  • Better security compliance in-line with the industry standard guidelines
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