Network Operations Center

As a managed IT service providers (MSP) our motto is to keep the lights-on and to ensure 24x7 uptime for all IT Infrastructure systems of our clients.

At NOC Command Centre where our NOC Engineers proactively monitor, supervise and maintain client’s IT Infrastructure systems 24x7 365 Days.

How is NOC Support Team setup @Proinf?

  • A state-of-art designed NOC command center
    • Dedicated Email address is provided, which are bind to respective Support Queues which are setup for on each customer
    • Monitoring systems are setup to route the alert notification emails to the respective support queues setup on the service desk system for each customer
    • Large LED screens are setup on the NOC / Helpdesk Area which display the Monitoring System Dashboards of each client
  • Equipped to create a war-room bridge (webex and phone) for all P1/critical calls
  • Dedicated Toll-Free numbers for USA, UK, Malaysia, Australia regions are provided to each customer
  • In-house and customer provided IM & Chat tools (Teams, Skype-for-Business, other collaborative tools) are used to ensure the NOC support team is always reachable

What does NOC Team do?

  • This team is the first-level customer facing team which proactively monitor the IT infrastructure of the clients 24x7; this team is primarily responsible to;
    • Acknowledge the alerts which are triggered from monitoring systems
    • Perform an initial verification of the alerts to identify if the alert is false or positive
    • Resolve the alerts by following the SOPs shared by Level-II & III support teams
    • Update the tickets with the details of the steps performed and observations
    • Escalate unresolved alerts to next level support as per the escalation matrix within the SLAS defined
    • The team closely coordinates with Level-II & III Support teams to get a status update on the ticket
    • A periodic status update is sent to all the stake-holders at both onsite and off-shore for all critical (P1) incidents until the issue is resolved.


  • A 24x7 vigilant team who closely watch your systems uptime and performance
  • Early Detection of service disruptions and performance degradation
  • Notify the support team before customer identifies a service/system outage
  • Provide insights to Level-2 and Level-3 support teams on behavior patterns of the system
  • Provide insights to Level-2 and Level-3 support teams to identify what are noisy system alerts and what are genuine alerts
  • Proactively tune the threshold values to generate meaningful alerts and reduce noisy alerts
  • Contribute to capacity management initiatives; by providing historical trends & analysis
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