Cyber Security

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Cloud Security

Maintain continuity and protect your cloud data with reinforced regulatory compliance

We improve your cloud security posture and deploy cutting-edge solutions to defend sensitive information from data theft and unauthorized exposure

Identity and access management

Manage and protect enterprise identities and data

The root cause of many breaches is stolen credentials. We leverage leading IAM solutions, reducing the risk of a breach due to insider threat and compromised credentials, while also enabling enhanced customer and partner interactions. Our competency in numerous IAM tools enables us to deliver a solution that gives all the stakeholders seamless access to applications while maintaining user information integrity.

Data Center Security

Secure your IT backend for robust and uninterrupted services

Our team works hard to ensure the highest level of DC security in alignment with the best practices and compliances. We adopt end to end security solutions for applications, servers, network and data. Our expertise in varied tools prevents unauthorized access and manipulation of DC resources.

End Point Security

Bring your devices under a protective umbrella and raise the bar against a multitude of threats

Proinf partners with global security leaders that employ a new approach to build lost confidence in endpoint security. It is augmented by cloud-based defense mechanism against all possible threats for endpoints like PCs, laptops, smartphones , tablets and IOT devices that pre utilizes unknown zero-day vulnerability and all malware in real time without requiring any prior knowledge. The technology focuses on the core techniques used by all exploits to prevent and control it.

Advanced Digital Security

Protect your business with Digital Forensics against cyber crime

Proinf follows digital forensics scientific process to capture, analyse and preserve the evidence during the course of the investigation of any criminal activity.

It can be used for both computer-based attacks such as human exploitation, cyberstalking and cyber terrorism but also computer facilitated such as illegal data breaches that result in the theft of information.

Network Security

Secure your assets and defend your business

Guard your network perimeter by enforcing policy-driven access. Target a variety of threats and stop them from entering or spreading in your network. Increase your security efficacy by securing the perimeter and deploying hardware/software based security solution.

Data Leak Prevention

Prevent Unauthorized disclosure of data

Identify and track your confidential data as it moves through a variety of network access points(wireline, wireless, VPNs, etc.). We tackle the problem of data loss, data recovery and data leaks enforcing appropriate governance and assurance measures.

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