Network & Communications – (Data, Voice & Video)

If you are browsing this content or checking your email or working on a standalone laptop but sent a document to print, networks & communication in all these instances are at play. This is how dependent our modern civilization is on networks & communication systems.

Advanced Networks & Communication systems look like the human nervous system transmitting digital data between two or more computers or a computer network comprising hardware and software connected, whether in the same geographical location or globally to facilitate communication and information sharing. So you name it: ultra sound machines, cell phones, Internet communications, banking transactions, e-learning, border security, transport networks, satellite imaging and the list goes on, are all made possible only through networks & communications.

How is Network & Communications Support Team setup @Proinf?

  • A team of highly skilled, certified individuals managing the enterprise network & communications systems / services
  • Providing day-to-day operational support Managing enterprise LAN, WAN and WLAN infrastructure systems.
  • Design and Architect of enterprise network infrastructure – LAN, WAN and WLAN
  • Design and Architect of enterprise voice & video infrastructure.
  • Provide the support for enterprise cloud journey i.e., Integration of 3rd party SaaS/cloud based solutions i.e., Cloud PBX, WebEx, Microsoft Team etc..
  • Comply with the Industry standard IT security and compliances requirements protecting the network infrastructure systems.

What does Network & Communications Support Team do?

  • Assess & recommend the suitable network architecture to ensure there are no network blocks
  • Design & implementation enterprise network systems
  • Keeping up to pace with the new technology innovations i.e., strategy to on-board SD-WAN to optimize traffic toward cloud-based SaaS services
  • Hardware assessment and upgrades planning i.e., refresh old end-of-life, end-of-support devices. Upgrade the hardware capacity to match the enterprise network requirements
  • Manage and administer the network & communication infrastructure.
    • On-demand commissioning/de-commissioning of new/old network devices servers.
    • Small moves, add, changes to the network i.e., setting up new VLANs
    • Policy based routing for better QoS
    • High-availability LAN setup with spanning tree
    • High-availability WAN setup using HSRP, GLBP, BGP and other fault-tolerant and high-available routing protocols
    • Managing of enterprise voice and video systems setup on Cisco UC and Tele Presence Management systems.
    • Integration with cloud-based services for IM, audio/video conference bridges
  • Capacity Management - Team proactively reviews the trends of bandwidth utilization and propose recommendations for upgrade/downgrade of bandwidth as per the business requirement.
  • Backup & Restoration – All critical network device configuration is periodically backup as per the schedule setup by the client. Backup restoration tests are performed to ensure the integrity of the backup data. Maintain the records for auditing and compliance purpose
  • Automation & Innovation – Identify repeatable tasks and bring in automation wherever possible i.e., configuration management. Provide ideas of innovation for improving the IT Infrastructure systems to keep up to pace with the latest industry trends


  • End-to-end management solutions: LAN, WAN and WLAN infrastructure
  • Seamless cloud transformation journey - SD Network
  • Supporting on-prem and hybrid cloud-based Voice and Video systems
  • Efficient management of network infrastructure
  • Maintaining 99.99 percent uptime of network infrastructure
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