Public Cloud Infrastructure (AWS & Azure) has gained its prominence as third-party service providers providing computing resources over the public Internet, making them available to anyone, enterprise, small and medium start-ups, who wants to use or purchase them and allowing customers quickly get started with setting up the required compute resources i.e., CPU cycles, storage or bandwidth. The great advantage is you pay only per usage. Helping the customers to save the expensive cost of purchasing hardware and manage

How is Cloud Ops Support Team setup @Proinf?

  • At Proinf CloudOps – “A shorthand for Cloud Operations”, is the practice and service relating to the delivery of IT services and workloads that run in the public cloud – AWS & Azure.
  • A team of highly skilled, certified individuals managing the public cloud infrastructure on AWS & Azure
  • Our strong team of professionals will work with you hand-in-hand to walk you thru the journey of cloud transformation;
  • Helping SMEs to completely migrate to cloud and become a server-less office
  • Meet today’s enterprise & business demands of Agility, Elasticity and Scalability
  • Comply with the Industry standard IT security and compliances requirements of enterprises

What does Cloud Ops Support Team do?

  • Assess & recommend the suitable public cloud platforms
  • Choose RIGHT cloud strategy
  • Design implementation roadmap
  • Build and deploy applications cloud infrastructure; Customize application
  • Migration assessment and planning i.e., Migration of on-premises application to public cloud
  • Manage and administer the cloud infrastructure;
    • On-demand commissioning and de-commissioning of servers.
    • Scale-up – adding resources to virtual systems on-the fly without any downtime.
    • Scale-out - adding additional nodes (virtual machine instances to the server farm) to cope with load.
  • Capacity Management - Team proactively reviews the trends of hardware resource utilization and propose recommendations for upgrade/downgrade of system hardware resources as per the business requirement.
  • Backup & Restoration – All critical server and application data is periodically backup as per the schedule setup by the client. Backup restoration tests are performed to ensure the integrity of the backup data. Maintain the records for auditing and compliance purpose
  • Automation & Innovation – Identify repeatable tasks and bring in automation wherever possible. Provide ideas of innovation for improving the IT Infrastructure systems to keep up to pace with the latest industry trends


  • End-to-end management solutions: supporting private, public and hybrid clouds to help businesses quickly adapt to changing ecosystems and operate cost-effectively
  • Seamless cloud transformation journey
  • Simple, sustainable, cost-effective and scalable cloud management solutions
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